Getting Out of a Funk


As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves wearing many hats and juggling multiple tasks and projects at the same time. Some tasks demand our attention daily, weekly, or monthly, like invoicing, communication, or client work. Meanwhile, we have projects that can significantly impact our businesses, the ones we need to prioritize to grow. Yet, with our plates always full, it can be a tricky balancing act. Eventually, we get stuck in a rut, and we experience a significant setback.

Today, we talk about tips on getting out of a funk and explore how we can stay inspired and motivated on our long game journey toward achieving our goals.

“Your goals can’t all happen in one day, but you do have to continually work at it.” -Sandra Scaiano

Some practical action steps shared in this episode are:

  • Define your why

  • Have a clear goal

  • Visualize success

  • Lean into your network
  • “Motivation comes from action, and action can be the smallest step.” -Sandra Scaiano

    In entrepreneurship, maintaining motivation and constantly moving forward are needed for long-term success. Even after significant setbacks, we can choose to get back our drive. Remember, it’s not just about staying busy. It’s about staying inspired and always moving forward.

    Now, let’s reignite that spark of motivation and keep pushing forward on your journey. Your long game begins now.

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