How To Innovate In Your Business


As business owners who want to see our business grow, we want to find ways to innovate and set ourselves apart from the competition. Whether it’s in our messaging, our products, our processes, or our marketing, we’re constantly looking for ways to be different. Being innovative also positions us as an industry leader and as a brand that’s in touch with our customers’ needs. It helps separate us from the pack when our market feels oversaturated.

“Trailblazing is pushing the idea further or taking it to a new audience.”
-Sandra Scaiano

In this episode, I will share ways we can spark innovation in our business and how to find creative ways to grow.

Four ways to bring innovation to your business:

  • Make it normal to think creatively

  • Start with the components of your offer

  • Ask what your strengths are

  • Look to collaborate

  • “Whether it’s a small tweak or a big breakthrough, now is the time to be innovating.”
    Sandra Scaiano

    When uncertainty strikes or there’s a need for fresh ideas, we need to ask ourselves these questions: What makes us different? What innovation can we bring to the table? This mindset sets us up for growth, towards innovation, reimagined business models, and a reinvented customer experience. Whether it’s a minor tweak or a groundbreaking revelation, remember, the time to innovate is now.

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