PR for Visibility with Christina Nicholson


If you’ve been thinking about ways to grow your business, you may be looking at sales funnels, social media posts, TikTok, paid ads, and email campaigns. All of these are legit methods to employ in your strategy for growth, but there is one strategy you’ll want to give more attention to after this episode.

Public relations (PR) is about managing how others see you and your brand. It’s about a strategic communication process that gets you in front of the right people which makes growing your business much easier.

“You need PR to get big, you need PR to make money, you need exposure because people can’t do business with you if they don’t know about you.”

Maven Media founder, Christina Nicholson, was a TV reporter and anchor with lots of experience being pitched and given pitches. Her PR skills have landed her on podcasts such as Bossbabe, Entrepreneurs on Fire, Smart and Passive Income with Pat Flynn and so many more.

Today we’re talking about:

  • The power of PR placement for your business

  • Using social media to pitch

  • When and how to follow up on your pitch

  • How to pitch podcast shows specifically

  • Why PR is about relationship building and connection

  • “Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”

    Putting yourself out there is scary business, but not growing your business is a failing business and it requires maximum exposure. Guesting on podcasts, contributing to articles and local news appearances can do wonders for your business and your brand’s credibility.

    Christina unloads so much value in this interview that you’ll want to take notes and start implementing her strategies right away! Here are a few tips Christina shares that are sure to get you noticed and in front of your audience faster.

    TIP #1: Make it super easy on the person you are pitching to.

    TIP #2: Create a Media List using a spreadsheet. Create a different tab for each angle you can pitch and start collecting podcasts for that angle with the contact information you need to submit a pitch. Work this spreadsheet for pitches and cycle through with a different topic each time.

    TIP #3: Write subject lines people will open by making them short, catchy, and relevant to the person and what they do.

    TIP #4: To pitch a podcast, be very specific about what you do and the tangible results and outcomes for the audience. Include personal elements that touch on their industry or one of the previous episodes.

    TIP #5: Block 2 hours every week to build your media list. Include people that are writing about your industry, active podcast platforms that speak to that industry or genre, and remember to follow and comment on their social media channels.

    Christina is incredibly raw and candid about the PR business and has a no B.S. approach to the content and information she shares and teaches to others. If you want to check out the exact pitch she submitted to Pat Flynn to get on his podcast, head over to Podcast Clout.

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