The Long Game is… Streamlining Offers


Today I’m talking about streamlining your offers.

This is something that comes up for my clients and for me as well. I see so many people spending time and energy on their offers, with mixed results.

In the past year, I’ve worked to streamline my own offers and it’s allowed me to scale my business up one more level.

Entrepreneurs are plagued by the list of good ideas we’d like to implement. Add to that mix the fact that many of us are multi-passionate and neuro-divergent and we end up with a jumble of information that we want to share. Nothing is landing because we’re not specific or targeted as a result.

What is streamlining?

To me, streamlining is about flow. It’s about putting systems and processes in place that give us ease in our work. Flow feels good.

Hear how I define streamlining as it relates to offers. I think it will resonate with you as well.

Note: This is not about pigeon-holing you into only doing one thing. It’s about being known for expertise in one specific area. This allows you to leverage your offers while keeping them streamlined.

It’s also about clear messaging. People need to hear your message more than once and keeping a focused approach will help people recognize how you can help them.

Examples of streamlining offers:

  • Create a signature offer and message. Build on that over time. Example Marie Forleo and B-School.

  • The same services with various price points and value. Example: Me! I have a high touch done-for-you offer, a mid-range done-for-you offer (with less included) and a small group strategy program that leads members through the same processes I use with my done for you clients. Coming soon: my course as the DIY version of the same frame work as an entry level program.

  • Packaging, partnerships, and placement. Example: beauty products at hotels. This allows them to place their core products in different packaging to reach new potential clients for their full-size versions. This works with services too – done for you vs. DIY for example.

  • Hear how I breakdown the way this can work for an email marketer. You’ll see how easily the messaging and offers complement each other with a variety of options. Similar messages with varying offers = streamlined.

    What if you have expertise in multiple areas? This is where you must be intentional about your messaging, and the timing of content and offers. Hear how you can create a runway of messaging so that it’s clear and not confusing.

    This long-game strategy is one that will pay off again and again. Streamlining will help you stay in control and feel confident about what you offer, and the messaging that supports it.