How To Start A Podcast – Part 2 Post-Product & Marketing


Launching a podcast and preparing your episodes for listeners is just the beginning. Once your podcast is live, there’s still post-production work and marketing so it can reach your audience. That’s what we’re discussing today with my dear friend, Sue Winkler.

Sue is the co-owner of Soma Vayu Garden, a New Jersey-based yoga and cultural wellness studio, and she’s also considering starting her wellness podcast. She had a bunch of really good, insightful, questions for me that I’m sure every entrepreneur looking to start a podcast wants to know the answers to.

Here are the three key lessons from this episode:

  • Repurposing your podcast content to reach a wider audience on different platforms.

  • Leveraging tools and technology to streamline your podcasting process.

  • Identifying practical and authentic ways to market your podcast effectively.

  • “The more true you are to yourself and to bringing your content forward, the more that audience is going to find you.” – Sandra Scaiano

    You don’t have to implement every marketing strategy available. Instead, focus on understanding the various strategies so you can identify the ones that resonate with you and will be most effective in reaching your target audience. Find your unique approach and let your authentic content shine.

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