Episode 150! Introducing Testing to Your Business


As business owners and entrepreneurs, we experience so many different situations that require us to be light on our feet and we have to make quick decisions. In those times, it’s all about making the decisions now. But other times, there’s a need to make calculated, data-driven decisions. And I think a lot of us prefer this so we can have more time and information before we make a decision.

So how do we get the data we need for our businesses? One way is to do testing, and this is what I’m talking with you about in this episode.

“Data-backed decisions are not based on a whim.” -Sandra Scaiano

From as early as my college days, I’ve seen how companies conduct tests. It can be either in the quality of their products or the quality of the materials they use. Tests can also be run before you launch a large marketing plan. Tests aren’t a waste of resources in the short term. They help us make better decisions in the long run.

These tests bring so many benefits to our businesses. They can save us money on the resources and strategies we invest in. We can develop better products and services, then trust and loyalty are built between us and our clients.

“Honing in on strategies builds stronger relationships and loyalty.” -Sandra Scaiano

Now, you might be asking, “What type of tests can we be running?” or “What are the mechanisms to collect data?” Great questions! And I’m going to be addressing them in upcoming Data and Tracking episodes, so send your questions my way, and stay tuned for them.

Listen in to hear more about the benefits of testing, and how I’ve personally applied it to my business.

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