Ancient Herbs in Modern Ways with Shannon Mayernik


As business owners in different fields, we might be working in different industries, but as we interact with other entrepreneurs and hear about their journeys, we learn that we share many of the obstacles, struggles, and experiences. Today, we’re talking all about the journey of building an herbal apothecary business and sharing the lessons learned along the way.

With us today is Shannon Mayernik. She’s an herbalist and plant medicine maker based in Northern New Jersey. Shannon is also the Co-Owner of Mayernik Kitchen, a modern-day Herbal Apothecary. Shannon is participating in a year-long clinical program for herbal medicine and continues to study and teach herbalism to her community.

“It’s all about community, creating your group. You have one another to lean on, to learn from, to share with.” – Shannon Mayernik

In the business Shannon runs, she has to think about so many things, from farming, harvest season, pest control, developing and making products, delivery, community engagement, content creation, course development, apprenticeships, and even just the everyday management of the business. So how does she do it all? Well, many things go into the success of Mayernik Kitchen, and Shannon shares her journey through it all.

Here are three entrepreneurship lessons we all can learn:

  • Make your own opportunities by putting yourself in situations outside your everyday life, and when the opportunities come, you just take it and start.

  • It’s important to have a system and streamlined process, but this will take time and experience to develop and perfect.

  • You have the power to create an environment that your community will engage in.

  • “Sometimes, it does seem a little more magical or romantic. And some days it’s completely out of control. But if you’re creating something for you, a family, a friend, you want to put good intentions into it.” – Shannon Mayernik

    Another thing that helps her business succeed? Shannon puts intentionality in everything she does, whether it’s in preparing the tinctures to sell or creating content for Instagram. Shannon approaches everything she does with the intention of it helping and being for someone else. This intentionality can be felt every time people interact with her business.

    If you want to learn from Shannon, I highly recommend the recently launched online course, The Table. You can learn about gardening, farming, herbalism, suburban homesteading, and everything in between, and also be surrounded by a community of people like you. Long Game listeners get a 10% discount with the code LongGame23

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