Email Marketing with Ashley DeLuca


List building has never been something I focused on. I’ve always done 1:1 work I have been able to stay busy with a full roster of clients. Growing a list is one of those things I’d do differently if I was starting over.

We are building businesses based on relationships.

Email marketing is one of those things that can help with all parts of your marketing. It gives you a great way to stay in touch and it’s an asset that you own. Today I’m talking about all the advantages of email marketing and relationship building.

Ashley DeLuca is here and she’s an expert when it comes to email marketing. She’s going to break down what’s working, why it matters, and how we can all do this in a way that serves others as well as our businesses.

“Your business is not just the number of followers that you have it’s the community
and relationships that you build within it.”

Ashley DeLuca

Let’s talk opt-ins.

Ashley explains that this is where we can really target the clients that we want. Don’t be afraid to make that a paid opt-in. Ashley shares 2 great examples that you can use as inspiration.

Why I’m cleaning up my list.

I want people on my list who really want to hear from me. I’m getting ready to clean up my list, knowing that I may lose some followers but that’s ok. My goal is engagement, not a vanity metric.

Creating profitable conversations.

  • Purpose

  • 3 Key points

  • Call to action

  • Ashley explains how she does this for herself and her clients to use emails to serve before we sell.

    Is there a perfect welcome sequence?

    Knowing your clients and what they need is important here. Ashley provides a few examples that work and ways you can optimize them for the target audience who is opting in for your information.

    50% Open rates for real?

    The open rate comes from the relationship you have with your subscribers, and the subject line. Ashley explains that it is a 50/50 formula. It’s also important to realize that how you show up outside of email matters as well.

    Great email subject lines – how to create them and why it matters.

    This is so helpful. The good news: you don’t have to be spammy or use deceptive methods. Ashely explains what works for her and gives a great tip that you can use for inspiration.

    How to manage a sales sequence.

    Ashley shares 2 great examples of what you can do to set expectations for your audience. She also explains how she lets her audience self-segment. This is so helpful!

    I talk about the customer journey all the time with my clients. It’s just as important to think about it with the way you email and communicate. Ashley reminds us to be intentional about how to serve our audience.

    If you’ve been reluctant to start a list, or you have a list that’s not getting much love, listen to this episode and be inspired to share and serve via email.

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