Business As An Act of Rebellion


I’ve talked about knowing your why. The reason that motivated us to get started in entrepreneurship and stay with it is often a big, life-changing thing. It’s unique for each of us but often a rebellious-fueled reason (or two) is what helped us take a big step forward.

How we operate, communicate, and create can be continuous micro-acts of rebellion.

Today we are talking about your business as an act of rebellion.

Money claims, pressure tactics, and how you lead your team; these are hot topics in the online business space.

Who decides what is ethical?

You do! The choices you make in your business are acts of rebellion. It’s all about how you show up. You get to decide boundaries, methods, and more.

That’s rebellion.

Apply what you want from the coaches and gurus online. Take what works for you and discard the rest.

Here are a few examples of micro-acts of rebellion in business.

  • Scarcity tactics – there isn’t anything wrong with this, but I have never asked someone to make a decision on an initial call. Hear why I decided not to use this tactic in my business.

  • Marketing with money claims – I get it. We want to know that people can back up their offer, but promising millions to everyone who joins a program or course doesn’t feel right to me. Intellectually we understand those claims are not possible for every person. What if we let people buy based on other criteria? That’s a rebellion strategy for sure.

  • You get to create your own company culture.

  • That includes how you treat your team, how you interact with clients, how you manage ending a client relationship, and more.

  • The marketing strategies and practices that work for you are part of your culture. You can do what feels best for you

  • Present the new you!

  • You get to share your personal story.

  • Leave past anxieties (and the old “shoulds”) that aren’t you anymore.

  • Who are we rebelling against?

    Bro marketing?

    The status quo?

    The gurus and millionaire promise-makers?

    Maybe it’s all of the above.

    We have the power to create the culture and community that aligns with our values
    and our vision. That’s the best act of rebellion!