Clarity in Web Design


I consult with my clients all the time, and a common sticking point for most is simply not having a clear message. You’re in business, you have a product or service to market so you can close on sales and increase revenue, but not having a clear message about who you are, what you’re offering, and why people need what you have is killing your business.

If you can’t clearly state what you do when someone lands on your website, they’re going to move on!

Today I’m giving you 4 things to examine for your business website that you can improve to make sure you’re building design around your messaging, and not trying to fit messaging into a design that doesn’t serve your business goals. Let’s get your messaging super clear!

Spend some time working on clearly stating what you do and who you serve.

Choose messaging that is clear and concise over clever, and you’ll start converting more visitors.

Make your Call to Actions (or CTAs) clear for potential customers.

Clearly present the next step you want the person visiting your website to take.

Make information easy to find on your website.

Don’t make visitors guess and fumble through your website. If they have to put in extra effort to find it, they will quickly move on.

Consider a mobile-friendly experience for customers.

Having clarity about your web design is at the heart of your business success. It’s at the heart of everything you do on your website, your marketing, and your social media.

Messaging about your services and products, and the value you bring to the customers in your niche should never be a mystery.

Key reminders:

  • Websites are malleable and can be changed at any time

  • If you don’t call your potential customers to action, they will walk away.

  • Scale down your content to make it mobile-friendly

  • Web design is really a series of strategic decisions made along the way. When you are clear on your message and the outcome you want, it’s easier to tackle the design issues one by one.