Elevate Your Voice with April Pertuis


Have you ever thought about being an author or stepping on stage to speak? If so then you know you must have a well-crafted story. In today’s episode, I’m talking with April Pertuis, a story expert.

She’s not just talking about how to tell a story, but how to make sure it gets out to those who are ready to hear it.

“Publishing the book is only half the work.” 

April Pertuis

April’s book project, Elevate Your Voice is now available on Amazon. Check out the stories of the 14 women who worked with April to share their stories as only they could.

This isn’t your typical book collaboration. April developed a program centered around embracing and telling their stories. The book is the bonus, the tangible result of the work and experience.

These women worked together in a community. Yes, each person had their own story and April led them through the process in weekly calls as a group. A professional editor was hired too.

All the participants received feedback from April the story expert, from Lanette Pottle the publisher, and from the editor. With each piece of feedback, the authors were able to refine and polish their story.

Hear how these authors can now share these stories (and others) in multiple ways moving forward. Some of the participants feel confident and ready to write their own book after learning how story development and publishing work.

April breaks down how people chose the stories they wanted to share. There was an over-arching theme, but each person chose what was meaningful to them.

When you hear this table of contents (each story) you’re going to be blown away!

What’s next?

We know that the publication of the book is really the beginning. It’s the opening of a door for the authors.

  • One woman launched a business as a result of telling her story

  • Another is now writing her own full-length book

  • Another group is already on the way to publishing book number 2!

  • April has seen increased visibility and opportunities as a result of working on this project

  • I love that this is a springboard for those who chose to participate. In long game style, opportunities show up when we face the fear and move forward.

    Hear how April determined if this project would be a good fit for her. This insight and perspective are something we can all benefit from.

    Another long-game approach: community.

    These women are now connected. They supported each other and they all helped one another. Relationships were formed that will continue well beyond the publish date.

    We finish up with the marketing info. April and her team developed an incredible plan for promotion. Hear what they created to make sure the book was a success. Just a few things included:

  • Graphics and materials with a cohesive brand across all authors

  • Developed a launch team to help with promotions

  • Set up interviews to help each author

  • The next cohort has begun! April shares how one of the authors in the 2nd group helped an author who was fearful to open the box of books when they arrived. You’re going to love it.

    Lastly, the proceeds of the book are going to Kiva! What an amazing way to pay it forward.

    I’m going to make sure April comes back later this year to give us an update on how the book and the authors are doing as well as info on the next one!

    Buy the book!