Building More Inclusive Businesses with Dr. Raymona Lawrence


In this episode of The Long Game, we’re talking about the different ways to engage in inclusive business practices with Dr. Raymona Lawrence. We’ll be talking about messaging and learning how broad diversity can be. How it’s a two-way process to reach it, and how we can incorporate it into our businesses.

“What is my thriving community?… How do I do things to make sure that I do things and I have practices that will help all of them to thrive?” – Dr. Raymona Lawrence

Dr. Raymona Lawrence is the Founder and CEO of Dr. Raymona H. Lawrence Coaching, LLC. Her life’s work and heartfelt mission is to help individuals and organizations incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into their business strategy and systems. This is so they can authentically connect with, recruit, and retain diverse networks of customers and team members. Dr. Lawrence is also a DEI Strategist, Speaker, Coach, and Consultant for network marketers, small business owners, and solopreneurs.

In this episode, Dr. Lawrence shares:

  • What diversity really means.
  • Her ROAR framework and how it supports business growth in diverse communities
  • The differences in each of our experiences

“If we’ve been able to respect differences in people and incorporate them into our systems, then we can create that culture of belonging and where people just feel like they want to be there.” – Dr. Raymona Lawrence

I share a story of how a perceived lack of diversity came into an event I was a part of. How it made me feel, and that it prompted this very conversation today. It’s not always easy and these are conversations that we continually need to be a part of so that we can create systems and environments that welcome everybody.

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