Upsells, Cross-sells, and Membership Retention

THE LONG GAME Episode 37 Upsells and Membership Retention with Sandra Scaiano

I’m taking a strategic look at how we spark and build relationships with our clients. Digital marketing info is often about the tactics and they are important.

But the best tactic won’t make a difference if you don’t understand how to use it to build meaningful connections with prospects and clients. Relationships still matter, even online.

Can I really make a living with my online course?

I am asked this often, and the answer is yes. Like many things, the details will make the difference. In this podcast find out how to understand the opportunities in each step of the process.

Let’s talk upsells.

How can you engage a client, so they want to purchase more from you? Find out two of the most common ways to offer more value in an upsell.

Tip: this also is step one in brand loyalty! You’ll also find out the one thing you have to know and the one thing not to do.

What’s cross-selling?

At it’s most basic, it’s selling other products or services to your customers. Kajabi (you know I’m a fan) makes it easy to do this within your current products! It allows you to keep clients in the family.

Don’t miss another easy way to do this, with a resource you already use. Email marketing may not sound sexy, but it’s a great way to cross-sell. Think extra value, bundles, and incentives.

Customer retention is the goal.

It takes more time and resources to gain a new client than to keep the one you already have. It’s not about being greedy, it’s about continuing to serve your audience providing what they need.

Memberships require a retention plan up front. I’ll break down retention strategies that I’ve used, and I’ve helped my clients create.

Don’t let the terminology throw you.

These concepts are all about doing more for your clients by having more offers and multiple ways for them to work with you.

It’s a combination of content and strategic thinking about relationship building. Put your ideas forward. This is the best time to get started!

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