The Power of Podcast Tours™ with Scout Sobel


Podcasts are changing the game for people who want to present themselves and share their stories. It’s proving to be a competitive alternative to traditional ways or social media for reaching your ideal audience, building quality connections, and growing your business. I’ve seen the benefits of podcasts after hosting almost 150 episodes, but our guest today is even more qualified to talk about the benefits.

Scout Sobel is a trailblazer in the media industry for utilizing Podcast Tours™ as a powerful form of PR. She founded Scout’s Agency, an agency that runs high-profile Podcast Tours™ in February of 2019, and has since led it to grow 600% since year one, book over 2,000 podcast episodes, cultivate a database of over 5,000 podcasts, and run over 150 Podcast Tours™. She’s the author of the bestseller, The Emotional Entrepreneur: The Emotional Guidebook to Entrepreneurship, the host of The Emotional Entrepreneur Podcast, and the co-host of top-charting podcast, Okay Sis.

“You go on a podcast today, but the benefits can continue to bear fruit
years and years later.” – Scout Sobel

Indeed an expert in the field of podcasting, here are the three things Scout talks about in this episode:

  • Benefits of podcast tour

  • Differences between podcasts vs. traditional or social media

  • Podcasts as a human and authentic way of reaching your audience

  • “The medium of podcasting is deep, so naturally, the results are going to be deep.”
    Scout Sobel

    No one can argue with all of Scout’s success and achievements, but what makes her truly special is her authenticity and sincerity which comes through in our conversation. She doesn’t believe in competition, recognizing that there’s enough space for all voices to be heard and for everyone to succeed, and she only wants to help and serve as many people as she can.

    This is why she recently launched the Podcast Tour Academy, which provides private and group training for agencies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to get them certified in running Podcast Tours™. You may use the code LONGGAME to save $50.

    Links from Today’s Episode:

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