The Intimate Strategy


One huge category of online products today is online courses, and they vary in topics, industries, audiences, and even sizes. Some courses have hundreds to thousands of participants, and these are the ones with the goal of hitting the most numbers they possibly can.

“Courses get to be intimate spaces. They don’t have to be behemoths to become successful.” – Sandra Scaiano

But maybe that’s not for you and your course offering. Maybe you want to develop an intimate environment and only have a few dozen students at a time. In this episode, I’m talking to you about the intimate strategy and how these smaller courses can drive success.

Here are three benefits of smaller courses I discuss in this episode:

  • You really highlight quality.

  • It’s a more manageable workload.

  • There’s greater flexibility in delivery, teaching methods, and processes.

  • If you’re someone that’s better at catering to smaller groups and personal coaching, maybe developing intimate courses is for you. Or maybe you start out with the smaller setting and discover that having a large number of students is better for you and your business. That’s okay too.

    “You can’t ‘think’ your business. It’s through doing that your path becomes clear.”
    – Sandra Scaiano

    By running your business, you get to know your business and can decide what works best for you. By doing that you can have a clearer vision and get to plan better for the long game.