The Long Game is… Mercurial Energy

The LONG GAME Episode 41 with Sandra Scaiano Mercurial Energy with Shauna Angel Blue

If you’re interested in Zodiac signs, astrology, Gods and Goddesses, and how these things are connected, you will find today’s episode with Shauna really interesting.

We cover how Mercury retrograde works and how it’s related to everything. We’re talking about astrological energy today and even if that’s not your thing, you’ll get some great insights. I promise!

The effects of the Mercury Retrograde

Shauna shares why the study of Mercury retrograde is important to her in making plans for the year. She also gave a website on how to check the Mercury retrograde and the shades we need to focus.

Do you know about your chart?

Aside from learning from our experiences. We also discussed transiting your charts to know who you are. Shauna explains that this is a great way to learn about yourself and how you can better relate to others. It’s not as complicated as I thought it might be.

We also discuss:

  • What is Mercury retrograde and do entrepreneurs fear it.

  • What is Mercury God’s responsibilities?

  • When does Mercury retrograde start and how long is the interval?

  • Tips on how to engage to a different point of view for your business according to Mercury retrograde.

  • What zodiac signs are the retrogrades for this 2021 and how do different zodiac signs react to Mercury retrogrades? (This is super interesting!)

  • Where are the planets when you were born and how are you responding in these planetary times?

  • It’s about noticing and being aware. It’s amazing how things are aligned to your personality so it’s also important that you remain curious, be aware, and explore yourself more.

    We must understand that there is an influence in every planet. It’s amazing if you know what’s coming and that you can handle it!

    2021 Mercury Retrograde Dates:
    Jan 30 – Feb 19
    May 31- June 21
    Sept 28 – October 16

    Link from Today’s Episode:

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    Reference to Mercury Retrograde Dates