The LONG GAME is… 1 2 3

THE LONG GAME Episode 17 1 2 3 with Sandra Scaiano

Breaking down big projects is one of the ways I help my clients. Today I share how I do this for all kinds of things. It helps me take action and make progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Just give me the 1 2 3.

The power of threes. You don’t have to believe me, there’s science behind it!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why does the rule of three work?
  • Get the science behind the concept.
  • Find out how you can use the threes to help your clients.
  • What does storytelling, photography, and religion have in common? This will help you see it so clearly!
  • Get the 3 things you need for a successful product launch. This breaks down what can feel super complicated into an easy to follow approach.
  • How can you use the 1 2 3 approach?

    What part of your product or service can be packaged in threes so your clients really see the transformation you provide?

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    What I’m Loving Now:

    My iPad keyboard. It made life easy for me. I can be at the pool with my kids (which is good for them) and still get things done.

    It’s been the best purchase to help me have a great summer with my family.

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