5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Launching with Krista Smith

The LONG GAME Episode 16 with Sandra Scaiano 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Launching with Krista Smith

In this episode, I chat with my friend, mentor, and coach, Krista Smith. Krista mentors women over 40 years old, giving them confidence with technology to be able to thrive online. As the owner of “Activate Her Awesome,” Krista is very instrumental in providing her community a powerful space for support and learning.   

During our engaging and lively conversation, we discussed the “Five Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Launching.”

1. Start Before You Are Ready.

You do not need to have the entire program completed before you launch. Starting before your program is completed will help your client not to become overwhelmed, plus it will allow you to build future content to meet their needs. Do not become a victim of analysis paralysis. If you need to practice, record yourself prior to the launch, and then repurpose that content later.

2. Do Not Wait For It To Be Perfect. 

Your inner critic will have a pity party in your head and tell you everything that is wrong. Also do not “compare and despair,” because that will lead to “chuck it and f*ck it.” Do not look around to see what everyone else is doing and think that yours is not up to their level. Your people need to hear your way of teaching, and her people need to hear her way of teaching.

3. Not Taking Time To Identify The Actual Gap That You Are Filling.

In other words, determine your secret sauce, instead of teaching your clients something that they do not need to learn.  Give them what they need help with, a solution to address their needs.

4. Not Taking Followers Behind The Scenes.

Watching the journey from idea to completion will keep people engaged in the process. Use this as a driver to your list building. Taking people behind the scenes is why reality tv and influencer marketing are so big. Get them primed and ready to purchase.

5. Forgetting To Offer Your Loyal Subscribers An Exclusive Offer to New Programs.

Do not forget to include a juicy offer for loyal subscribers and past clients.  

Although the topic was to be limited to the top 5 mistakes, during our time together a sixth idea came out that can be a game-changer in your marketing strategy.

Create a branded and beautiful graphic that people can share when they purchase your program.  Make it be fillable so that they can tell people why they have purchased your program. They can share this graphic on their social media, and in exchange, you share it on yours. This will give your client exposure to a totally different audience.

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