Finding Your Perfect Match VA with Jen Lehner

The LONG GAME Episode 18 with Sandra Scaiano Finding Your Perfect Match VA with Jen Lehner

This is a special episode because I’m talking with my friend and business mentor Jen Lehner. I was at an in-person mastermind hosted by Jen when the idea for this podcast came to life!

We talk about a ton of great info and dive into planning, execution, and what it takes to build a team. Be ready to be inspired!

Here are the key insights:

  • Why do 90-day sprints work? Jen shares the philosophy for this and why it is so powerful.
  • Of course we talk systems. This is one of the things that Jen helped me create and now I’m teaching my clients to do this because it works!
  • Hear how easy it is to create your own systems. Hint: think checklist.
  • Systems as confidence builders? Jen and I break this down too.
  • How does having a VA help with systems? This is key! If you don’t have time to delegate or teach others what you do then you have to hear how Jen breaks this down.
  • Do you think that no one can do things like you do them? I did too! Guess what? I now know how to teach the way I want them done.
  • What are wish list trainings? This is a game-changer!
  • How do you find a VA? I didn’t know how to find the right person, much less knowing how to vet their qualifications or set up an agreement/offer. Jen’s program was a huge help with this part of the process.
  • How paying a lower hourly rate overseas works? I’m sure this is a big question for you too. Jen outlines why.
  • Why a trial week helped me get clear about hiring my VA.
  • The key to success with your VA? Making them part of the team. Hear how I did this. It has made a huge difference.
  • Hiring a VA + having systems is key.
  • Hiring, training, onboarding – all of it can be a pleasure when you have a process. I break down how I give my VA ownership and it’s great for both of us.
  • How great would it be to feel like someone has your back in your business?

    I wasn’t sure I was ready for this because I was so busy. Ironic I know. I now have a true team member who doesn’t just do the work. She brings ideas, provides feedback, and is invested in the success of my business.

    Final advice: start before you think you are ready!

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