The Long Game Is . . . Utilizing A VA

THE LONG GAME Episode 19 Utilizing A VA with Sandra Scaiano

Finding your perfect VA is step one. Last week we talked about how the right person will help you elevate your business.

Today I’m sharing specifics about how I work with my VA, Grace.

Here’s one example: When looking for a Virtual Assistant I knew I wanted someone who could support my web-design business. I didn’t need another designer, but someone to take tasks off my to-do list.

Grace has WordPress skills and I know that she will be able to take care of the things I needed. Since she was knowledgeable, she wasn’t afraid to jump in and get started and it was a huge help from the beginning.

Tips for finding your perfect VA:

  • Where do you need the most help?
  • What skills are required to do those tasks?
  • How can you give your VA ownership of their work?
  • Use my weekly call system to stay on track.
  • Create checklists. You can follow my process or create your own.
  • Share your vision.

    Make it possible for your VA to feel like part of your team and share in the success.

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