Finding your perfect VA is step one. Last week we talked about how the right person will help you elevate your business.

Today I’m sharing specifics about how I work with my VA, Grace.

Here’s one example: When looking for a VA I knew I wanted someone who could support my web-design business. I didn’t need another designer, but someone to take tasks off my to-do list.

Grace had WordPress skills and I knew that she’d be able to take care of the things I needed to be done. Since she was knowledgeable, she wasn’t afraid to jump in and get started and it was a huge help from the beginning.

Tips for finding your perfect VA:

  • Where do you need the most help?
  • What skills are required to do those tasks?
  • How can you give your VA ownership of their work?
  • Use my weekly call system to stay on track.
  • Create checklists. You can follow my process or create your own.
  • Share your vision.

    Make it possible for your VA to feel like part of your team and share in the success.

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