Paranormal with Dr. Kristy Sumner and The Historic Scott County Jail


As we approach All Hallows Eve this week, I wanted to replay this episode with Dr. Kristy Sumner and how she built a unique business around the concept of the paranormal.

Now of course, the timing is right for some scares and other worldly-ness, but the timing is also right for a lot of what we have been talking about lately here on the podcast > innovation.

It is my true belief that you can build a business around whatever it is that lights you up. A business based on what we are passionate about feeds the soul of its creator. My guest today is Dr. Kristy Sumner – a paranormal investigator, historian, and museum co-founder.

Over the past year since first recording this episode, I have followed Dr. Sumner and the Historic Scott County Jail pretty closely. It’s so cool to see the collaborations they are doing, the content they are creating, and even them having filmed their own episode for a PBS show recently.

It’s a great lesson to keep at it. Living the long game.

Today The Long Game Is… Paranormal with Dr. Kristy Sumner and the Historic Scott County Jail.

Building a robust multi-faceted business is no easy task, not even for the most seasoned entrepreneur. Creating a business that seamlessly incorporates all of your passions while providing a rewarding and fulfilling experience at the same time is the ultimate goal for many people building a business.

Dr. Kristy Sumner has successfully combined her passion for historical stories and the paranormal into two businesses: Soul Sisters Paranormal, and The Historic Scott County Jail Museum.

The work that she does is totally fascinating to me, but maybe paranormal isn’t your jam and that’s okay. What stands out the most about Kristy is the way she’s created two businesses that flow so well together that allow her to live the life she finds most fulfilling.

“If you look at us, just from the outside, it looks like we have a very robust company,
but it’s just the two of us.” – Dr. Kristy Sumner

Key areas we’re highlighting in this episode

  • Kristy’s first overnight stay in a haunted penitentiary, developing passion and excitement

  • Learning the technical skills it takes to produce the content they want to share

  • How a collaboration turned into a reopening of a historical location with paranormal research

  • Martin Yan, a chef and food writer says, “When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play.” Kristy, has allowed herself to lean into her passions for fun, play, and discovery in the presence of her friends. She’s turned a corporate background and life as a college professor into a life that is filled with excitement. The excitement of researching historical stories and investigating paranormal activity is one aspect of it, but she’s also leaning into solving problems and learning new skills that allow her to build something meaningful.

    “We wanted to start out with a bang and really show people that we are
    legitimate in what we’re doing.” – Dr. Kristy Sumner

    Links from Today’s Episode:

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