Stripe Account Hack Awareness with Shannon Mattern


When running a business, it should be expected that sometimes things will go south, and we’ll have to put out fires. Sometimes these situations can be solved in a day with a phone call, but sometimes they can potentially end your business. That’s what happened with our guest today when her Stripe account was hacked.

Shannon Mattern is the founder of the Web Designer Academy where she teaches web designers how to create profitable, sustainable, freelance web design businesses. She also hosts the Profitable Web Designer Podcast where she shares insights and strategies for web design professionals.

In this episode, Shannon talks about her recent experience and relates it to these business lessons:

  • Be transparent and communicate with your clients
  • In the middle of a challenge, look for rational and uninvolved perspectives
  • There’s more than one way to do things

“There are multiple ways to handle any situation. Why not give myself the opportunity to find out all of them and then make a decision with way more information than just what’s in my head or I can Google.” – Shannon Mattern

Today’s show highlights the importance of relationships and networks in the business world. Having the right people around you, especially during challenging times, can make a world of difference. But they can only help you to the extent that you’re asking for help. If you don’t share your challenges, the right people who can help you overcome them won’t come.

In the world of business, it’s necessary to have the ability to navigate adversity with resilience, transparency, and with the support of your network. Listen in as we explore the lessons learned from Shannon’s experience.

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