Lensa App, Should You Use It?


The Lensa App images have been flooding social media these past few weeks. How could it not with this AI technology producing images that are stylized, ethereal, dreamy, and intoxicating, making everyone look like fairies, anime, or famous paintings? But with the spike of Lensa’s popularity comes its own share of controversies.

“This example of Lensa is so tangible. It’s AI that we all have access to and we’re all using in some way. So we are part of the conversation in ways that we didn’t realize or in ways that we were not a part of before.”

With the development of any AI technology, comes ethical, equitable and security issues. In this episode we discuss three points people have been talking about when it comes to the Lensa App:

  • Theft from artists: AI generated images created from millions of existing works of artists who have not given permission for their works to be used

  • People being over sexualized and white washed in these images

  • Privacy concerns and company terms

  • This episode is a follow-up and pop culture example on the two-part series on AI. We further delve into how AI affects our daily lives in multiple areas, what art is, the similarities of AI and art appropriation, who are the drivers behind AI, and what goes behind the decision-making on whether or not you should use AI.

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