5 Steps to Creating a Successful Business-Building Book with Lanette Pottle


Over 80% of Americans want to write a book and the percentage of them that actually do is actually quite sad. For you entrepreneurs out there, listen up! Writing is a great way to build your business, and today’s guest is running down exactly why you’ll want to get started on your book today.

“It’s about an investment in the long game, and how you can continue to attract and nurture and identify new clients…” -Lanette Pottle

In this episode, I’m so excited to have the creator of She Gets Published join me. She teaches women like you how to turn your wisdom into authority-building impact-creating books within months. Lanette Pottle is a book coach and publishing mentor. She’s revealing the five steps you need to know to create a successful business-building book.

“When you become a published author, it is an automatic, just innate authority builder, […] your level of expertise changes the minute you become a published author.” -Lanette Pottle

Lanette points out how writing a book becomes an instant credibility boost. It also helps propel and promote your business when done right. Choosing the right topic matters, knowing what problem you’re helping your audience solve is important, and knowing how to market it is key to success.

Here is a free resource to choose your best idea the easy way from Lanette. Becoming a published author is a great accomplishment, but being an entrepreneur with a published book is great marketing.

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