3 Things to Focus on for 2023


The New Year is here and with it comes a wave of energy and universal momentum where everybody is gearing up for the year ahead. Now is the time that everyone is reflecting, planning, and making goals and visions.

“It’s about vision. Having a vision for where you want to go and an idea of what you’regoing to do this year to get there.” -Sandra Scaiano

In preparing for 2023, I am sharing with you three things you can focus on to help you build out your goals for 2023:

  • Give yourself the time to make the changes you need

  • Have a framework for your process

  • Build relationships that support your vision

  • If you take these concepts and build them into your 2023 vision and goal setting, I know that things will be easier for you.

    There are also a few things happening in this podcast. We have guests lined up, conversations planned, and a few series in the works. I hope you’re as excited as I am and let’s take 2023 on together!

    “There are as many ways to be successful in business as there are entrepreneurs.” -Sandra Scaiano