The Long Game Is… Podcasts & Audio Content with Phyllis Nichols


This is a fun episode! I’m talking with Phyllis Nichols the head of the podcast team who helps me get my show out every week.

We are talking about using your podcast as pillar content. We know that podcasting has grown a lot in recent years. Why is podcasting a great way to create pillar content?

  • Ease of creation. Most of us find talking about topics familiar easy, it’s a form of communication we’re used to.

  • Evergreen and lasting. New people can quickly review past content that’s still relevant.

  • We are hard-wired to connect with the voices of others and we pick up on the energy and tone of the content as well.

  • People feel connected to the content and the podcast host/s.

  • Repurposing and reach are automated and powerful. Multiple platforms allow for reach internationally as well as in-home devices like Alexa.

  • How can you leverage your content?

  • Use free content to serve your audience and add additional value in a paid format.

  • Package content into a mini course. Add context or a resource like a checklist to enhance the experience.

  • Put some shows behind a paywall after being free. Great idea for popular content that gets repeated listens.

  • Highlight members on your podcast. This is an easy way to add value and promote the people in your community doing cool things.

  • Create how-to audio content for your course so that learners who like to listen can easily consume the information.

  • We also talk about learning styles and really knowing your audience. What is their lifestyle? Do they commute or work from home? Are they visual learners? Do they like to re-listen or re-watch your training? That’s where audio can really help.

    As a content creator, you can keep your audience up to date with quick add-on content. Keep your course and/or membership up relevant by adding up-to-date info quickly and easily.

    Hear all the repurpose ideas for using your audio content beyond transcripts.

    How can you find out WHAT to post? Hear the “ice-cream” story. What’s your version of ice cream in your business? That’s your pillar content foundation!

    Phyllis also shares her vision for the SoundAdvice.FM network. It’s a place for women-hosted podcasters. The goal is to elevate and amplify women’s voices.

    I’m a member of the network and looking forward to connecting and collaborating with others. I am happy to be here in the beginning!

    We wrap up talking about vision. Dreaming big is for all of us! Phyllis asked me about what’s new with me and I outlined what’s coming up at the beginning of 2022 and there’s so much happening. It’s exciting.

    Get inspired to dream big with us!

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