What is THE LONG GAME and Why Does it Matter?


You’re going to love this inaugural episode. I share what the long game is (it affects all of us) and why it matters. I figured out a few things after building my own business and helping my clients do the same.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking for some down to earth insights and inspiration this is for you.

My story is likely your story too. You’ve had great jobs that fit until they didn’t.

Life changes and a desire to live on your terms meant finding a way to do your thing your way.

I share two incredible real-life experiences that helped shape my long game approach. It involves a fashion show, renting a bulldog, the New York Times, a business shutdown, and having a baby.

Real life stuff.

Don’t miss the story or the message.

The long game is 100% about what’s right for you.

I share:

  • Why investing in yourself matters
  • How getting away can bring aha moments and clarity
  • The way consistency makes an impact
  • Why taking risks isn’t always risky
  • Why the customer journey is part of your brand
  • My philosophy on relationships
  • The long game approach is about getting ready and taking action when you know it’s right.

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