Coping With Corona Lockdown – Free Resources


Small businesses are about community. My clients are stepping up to serve by providing FREE resources in their expertise. It made me realize that healing and self-care come in so many forms. These women are true experts in their fields. They provide guidance with a big dose of reality and oftentimes humor. I’m seeing a trend in the women who I’m attracted to working with!

Take them up on these offers and help yourself manage home-time during Corona lockdown.

No to gaining weight

So many of you are worried about gaining weight during this time. From being off your routine to feeling stress with your kids and husband all home (I’m raising my hand).

Weightloss expert, Gladys DiTroia has created a free Facebook group to help you from gaining weight and losing your mind during the Corona lockdown. A women’s only, nonjudgmental place to share your challenges, your wins… ANYTHING GOES!
Let’s Keep Sane and Not Gain FB Group.

With Gladys humor and real advice and the amazing power of group support, we can get through this ??. Having personally been in Gladys’s Facebook groups I can tell you her level of support is amazing. She knows just what to say when you are having a moment or a question on your journey. She’ll kick in and support you with just the right habit encouraging words to help you reset and get through.

Healing together

Join Nanci Luna Jiménez, for her upcoming “Healing Together in the Time of COVID-19” Virtual Gatherings.
How long will this last? “This is scary.” “This feels like a nightmare but then I wake up and it’s still happening.” “I’m fine.” “I’m fortunate.” “I’ve lost 50% of my business.” “I will have to lay off my staff and we may close our doors.” “I never thought I’d have to learn to become a home school teacher.” “I’m in disaster mode.” “I’m exhausted.” “I’m just working and trying not to notice what’s happening.” Above all, there is uncertainty.

The answer to how long Corona lockdown will last depends on us. The answer depends on what we do today.

Nanci’s first Healing Together Virtual Gathering hit capacity, so she has turned this into a series to accommodate more. Sign up for this FREE Virtual Workshop – It’s time to UNUMB and be present for what is happening.

Nanci is a trainer, facilitator, and speaker committed to healing herself and others from the effects of systemic oppression. I have been fortunate to attend an in-person workshop Nanci and the team presented… deep healing and connection to your own feelings and the world around you. This is no ordinary call. Nanci will lead with her Constructivist Listening tools to experience the power of emotional healing in the community and break isolation. Register Here: Healing Together in the Time of COVID-19

Cooking class during lockdown

Chef Rama is hosting Cooking Facebook Lives in her FB Group WannaBeelicious Soiree, Kitchen Secrets from a Professional Chef. Rama makes cooking a family affair, often found in the kitchen with her Mom, and brings her kids in as well – check out her Kids Interactive Cooking Class in the group – Live every Wednesday at 5pm. Lately, Rama has been helping people to get their Instant Pot off the shelf and use it to cook healthy, plant-based meals, a great way to boost the immune system during Corona lockdown. She goes live every Monday at 1:45 pm EST with Meatless Monday inspiration.

Moral support for girlfriends

Sarah Walton, Business Mentor, Speaker, and the host of the Game On Girlfriend podcast is doing daily FB Lives, Coffee with Coach 10 am EST, in her Facebook Group Game On Girlfriend Insider

If you have ever heard Sarah speak, you know she has a way about her that. She helps you find the A-ha’s. You can hear her share her wisdom on her podcast.


Sarah is Live in her Facebook Group every morning to walk you through:

  • Her signature morning formula
  • Setting an intention for the day
  • A thought for the day to help you stay grounded and focused

She’s also making time for pressing questions, concerns, and business needs.

Challenge accepted

Kelly Newsome Georges of Ritual Care is always advocating for Mama Self-Care and ways to approach your Mom-Life that support your own wellness. We need it more than ever while cooped up with our families and the added stress from the news on our new locked-down realities. We’ve all fallen into homeschooling. Take a deep breath. It’s a new challenge — but it’s also a chance to be more mindful and present, allow imperfection, notice your needs, and find joy in unexpected hiding places.

Kelly has created The Accidental Homeschooler Kit & Planning Templates- Updated for 2020 to help all of us Mamas who are in this new territory. This can be downloaded for free in her post: My Top 6 Tools for Accidental Homeschooler Moms (2020 Edition).

My favorite takeaway – loosely translated from a French verse: To everyone, I want to say “do your best” to support your child — but do not put extra pressure on yourself. Boom!

The cool thing about Kelly is that she has a library of free resources that you can access once signed up.

Healing and self-care


Then there is the stress and how it affects everyone differently. In the past week, Christine’s side project Big Life Thin Hair has received 58 emails (AND COUNTING) in 7 days from women in the US who are afraid the stress of this is going to make their hair fall out. For many, it will and it will be devastating. Christine has responded to every email and decided to take that conversation over to a private Facebook for women, Big Life Thin Hair Private Group.

Women can express their concerns freely without shame or judgment. She can make videos and go live in the next 48 hours answering questions about Corona lockdown realities. Returning the emails is time-consuming, and she is currently busy with stress eating and calling her girlfriends for moral support.

Power of emotional healing

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The YWCA of Northern New Jersey is hosting a series of virtual events to support the awareness effort. See the latest schedule on their Facebook Page.

If you are in need, YWCA Northern New Jersey healingSPACE – Bergen County’s only Sexual Violence Resource Center – is a safe and welcoming place for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones is available. 


Their 24/7 crisis intervention hotline (201-487-2227) and online chat staffed by Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates provide free assistance. Support, information, and referrals are available to anyone who has been affected by sexual violence, whether it happened hours or years ago.

As the days pass we are learning we are in this stage for the long haul. I’ll be adding more to this post, so be sure to check back for more tools to help you move thru with ease.