The Long Game Is… Divine Timing


It’s hard not to look at everyone who seems to be further along than you. They’re celebrating the wins you wish you had and you’re living in slow motion and frustrated with your business not growing as fast as you want. You started a year ago, 5 years ago, and it’s hard not to feel the pressure of self-inflicted expectations that you should be further along.

Nothing kills the joy of a journey more than thinking you should be at the final destination already. Patience is a virtue and yes, comparison is the thief of joy.

“The right things will happen in the right time for you” -Sandra Scaiano

This episode is dedicated to the gift of divine timing, acceptance, being in the present moment of life, and of your business in preparation for the long game.

Key ideas in this episode

  • Your next level cannot be forced

  • Radical acceptance of the phase of life you are in

  • Break up with expectations of hustle culture

  • You have to break up with the expectations and images of hustle culture and be okay with prioritizing your life, relationships, and connections. It doesn’t mean you’re not focused on growing your business and it certainly doesn’t mean that you’re not progressing. It does mean that your journey happens in its own divine timing.

    “It’s not about how hard you work, it’s about perspective. It’s about understanding the place you are in in life and the resources you have at this time.”-Sandra Scaiano

    Check out the 5 concepts I share to accept divine timing that have helped me in my own journey of building my business for the last 13 years while living the mom life and taking steps in the time I have. For the long game, I have found that you have to enjoy the journey and not just wish for the final destination of success. Live in the now and let go.