Spectacular Summits with Larissa Russell and Malva Gasowski


In this episode, we delve into the world of summits and what it takes to run a successful one. Summits offer entrepreneurs valuable networking opportunities, industry training, and a platform to market themselves and grow their audience. But behind the scenes, there are countless moving parts that contribute to a summit’s success. Join us as we uncover the secrets to hosting a remarkable summit.

“Summits are a lot of work. Do it wrong and you’ll learn how much work it is.”
Larissa Russell

Our guests today are Larissa Russell and Malva Gasowski, the founders of Spectacular Summits, a company dedicated to hosting impactful summits and assisting clients in organizing their own. Larissa, known as the Summit Queen, is an entrepreneur, international bestselling author, speaker, artist, coach, and healer. With her extensive experience running summits for herself and other experts, Larissa brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Malva, an instructional designer, business trainer, summit creator, executive coach, and international bestselling author, is also a key figure in the summit space.

Together, they also host the Elevate Your Kajabi Business Summit, a premier event that focuses on delivering proven advanced strategies and tactics for scaling Kajabi businesses and achieving long-term success.

Throughout this episode, we address key questions, including:

  • What value do summits bring to entrepreneurs and their businesses?

  • Is hosting or participating in a summit a worthwhile investment for your business?

  • Should you speak at a summit?

  • “As a summit speaker, I’m collaborating with someone else.” – Malva Gasowski

    Dispelling a common perspective that the other speakers and participants and summits are “competitors,” the ladies remind us that we’re collaborating rather than competing with one another. When professionals from the same industry come together, we bring our expertise, knowledge, and connections to the table. By embracing collaboration, we can collectively grow and support each other’s success.

    Tune in to this episode to gain insights from Larissa and Malva on how to create and leverage summits for maximum impact.

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