Walking the Camino de Santiago with Lisa Corrado


There are times when we doubt whether or not something is possible. Whether it’s a big goal, a trip we dreamed of, or a little “what if?” thought. In this episode, we’re talking about if that thing we want to do is possible (spoiler alert: it is!), and the amazing things that happen when we let go of our control a little bit. And who better to talk about this than today’s guest, Lisa Corrado.

Lisa is a coach and champion for small business owners & entrepreneurs. She’s a cancer survivor and wildly enthusiastic traveler who is right now (as of the release of this episode)walking the entire 500+ miles of the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.

“Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s hard. But it all gets done.”- Lisa Corrado

Lisa shares how her trip’s been so far, meeting different people, the miles of nature, historical sites, culture, and all the food. But how did she prepare for this two-month trip, and how does she manage to do it all while staying connected, running her business, and servicing her clients?

Here are a few of the lessons Lisa learned:

  • When you decide to do something, things will align and fall into place for what you want to happen.

  • When you loosen your hold and let go of the idea that things have to happen your way, you open up a different path that would have been better and easier than anything you could have planned for.

  • Open yourself up to meeting people and experiences that will restore your faith in humanity.

  • “In my business, when I loosen my grip and don’t hold things too tightly, it grows faster than it did before.”- Lisa Corrado

    This trip was something that Lisa decided to do, and she did what she could to make it happen, then the rest fell into place. She’s someone who reinforces the lessons she’s learned and exemplifies the things she teaches. This is part of the reason why her clients trust her so much. Listen to this full episode to learn more from her.

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