SOAR on LinkedIn with Donna Serdula


LinkedIn is one of the top social platforms for entrepreneurs and professionals. We know we need to get into it, but it can be intimidating because it also reflects on our professional profile. But what if getting started doesn’t have to be so intimidating? In this episode, we’ll learn how to get started, transition, and be consistent on this platform.

“LinkedIn is a hard platform… It’s also one of the kindest networks.” – Donna Serdula

To help us navigate the world of LinkedIn, we have Donna Serdula joining us today. In 2009, Donna walked away from her successful sales career and founded Vision Board Media and Her mission is to help people realize their internet identity and shape one that makes an impact and leads to opportunity. Her book, LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies helps professionals get started on the platform.

Donna has built the SOAR Framework. This gets you straight to connecting and engaging on the platform. Start by building a STRATEGY—decide why you’re using the platform, identify your target audience, and develop your brand. Then OPTIMIZE your profile and posts so that the right people will find you. AMPLIFY your brand and message through a strong network. Then it’s time to RELATE and build your network so that what you post will actually be heard.

Other topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Practical strategies to build up your network
  • Getting started on LinkedIn
  • Engagement strategies to curate the feed you want

“LinkedIn wants the feed to be the people you know talking about the things you care about.”
Donna Serdula

One common perception is that it’s a platform where you need to be buttoned up and with a stiff upper lip, and that was true—until five years ago. You can speak in your voice and let your personality show in a way that’s true to your brand.

Like other platforms, it has an algorithm that’s continuously changing. Sometimes, it’s short posts with photos that do well. Other times, it’s the long-form document posts. The key to maximizing your reach on this platform isn’t to catch the algorithm, it’s to build a large network and post quality, engaging, and consistent posts.

For more information and practical tips on getting started on LinkedIn, listen to the full episode, and check out the resources Donna shares on her website.

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