How to Build Community in Your Business


We all know how important communities are for our businesses. We build them and are a part of them. They’re there for conversations, support, exploration of ideas, and even sales. Our community can help our business grow, and yes, sometimes even survive.

So how exactly do we build and foster our communities? Is social media the only way? What can we build that allows for connection and conversation? I’ve been thinking about this for over a year now, and this episode is the kickoff to a series where we dive deep into different ideas on how to build community.

“I’ve now shifted my search to things that support how I’m already operating. Yes, I’ve started to listen to my own advice: ‘Build from what you have and what is unique to your business.’” -Sandra Scaiano

These are the ideas about community building that we explore today:

  • What do you already have set up that you can use now?

  • Comparing Social Media Platforms as community builders

  • What other platforms and methods are available as community builders?

  • “The concept of community is really what you think of it and what you make of it for yourself. How you choose to go about building community and developing it has to feel right for you.” – Sandra Scaiano

    The basis of any community is a shared something. So find that something you have to share and offer it to the world. There is no wrong method for finding and attracting your people. The most important thing in building your community is to start, and soon you’ll find what works and your people will come to you.

    Links from Today’s Episode:

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