Self-Care for Creating

The LONG GAME Episode 39 with Sandra Scaiano Self-Care for Creating with Kelly Newsome Georges

It’s already 2021 but like 2020, we’re still dealing with the worldwide pandemic. It’s affected everything. Our Business, our jobs, our family, and our physical and emotional health. My friend and the founder of Ritual Care, Kelly Newsome Georges know how to handle difficult situations positively.

Self-care isn’t just a spa day or a long soak in the tub (though both of those things can help) it’s about conscious care. The things you do on purpose.

We need to trust in our bodies.

Kelly shares an example on how our body reacts to what we’re doing. Don’t miss her strategy on how to choose the direction that will make us better understand ourselves.

Why doing nothing is also a good ritual?

When I heard it, I realized she has a point and it’s funny because I know everyone can relate, so let’s find out!

We also discuss:

  • What is contrast and how is it present every day?

  • Kelly also discussed her favorite self-care rituals. (You might need this too!)

  • Why do you need to give yourself time?

  • How can core helps us deal with the unexpected things?

  • Kelly discussed the 4 pillars of core care and why the 3rd pillar is her favorite!

  • Find out your own mantra. (This is super helpful!)

  • How energy and mindset can affect us?

  • Kelly also shares her tips on how to metabolize stress and why chaos is not always a bad thing.

  • How does a busy mom (with kids at home all day) carve out time for herself?

    Kelly shares some helpful tips about this. She really knows how to balance things.

    This global pandemic has taught me that there is still light in every situation we’re going to get through this.

    Remember: We are not stuck, things change. Take time to reflect and move forward.

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