Minimalist Method with Marta Sauret Greca


Can we have success and lives that feel spacious and encompass joy?

I believe we can. That’s what guest Marta Sauret Greca and I are talking about in this episode. She’s figured out how to manage a very busy life and she teaches her clients to do the same.

She uses the minimalist method that she’s created and is now teaching, and we are diving into all of it on today’s podcast. 

Marta is a mom of 5, the primary breadwinner in her family, business owner, and author. She struggled to grow her business until she developed her Minimalist Method and began using it herself. The business started expanding and she’s since taught her clients the same process. 

What is the Minimalist Method? 

It’s not about how little you can get by with, it’s about being intentional about what you allow to fill up your space. That means your physical space, your mental headspace, your energetic space, and your schedule. It’s about being intentional about what you allow in, and de-cluttering the things that no longer serve you. 

The work includes: 

  • Mindset

  • Schedules and systems

  • Energetic work

  • Marketing and tech tasks that you need to let go

  • Marta’s story is compelling. Life circumstances required her to downsize and get by with much less for a while. That’s when she realized that she had to be intentional about what she could say yes to, and all the things that were a solid no. 

    What’s the path to minimalism? 

    It’s a combination of lots of things to be sure, and Marta shares how she uses time-blocking and creates times for work, times for home-schooling, and other responsibilities. She also encourages everyone to ignore the myth that homeschooling or entrepreneurship means hours and hours of time every day. 

    Use systems and processes for yourself and for your team. Allow others to bring solutions to the table as you grow and as your team takes on more responsibility. She also highlights being compassionate and understanding. We’re all human. Leave the drama and create space for discussing and implementing solutions. That’s a Long Game approach for it as well. 

    Marta teaches her clients to self-coach themselves. Making mindset shifts is key for personal and professional growth. She also teaches her clients how to outsource and manage work that others can do well, so they can focus on what only they can do. 

    Marta and I both think of our client work as a partnership. We understand their businesses, which means we can help make connections and find ways to feature them. 

    As my own business has grown, like Marta, I’ve become much more comfortable with knowing where I fit, what type of clients I want to work with and the trade-offs I am willing and not willing to make to be successful. 

    Doing less and living more really is possible.

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