The LONG GAME is… Conscious Creation with Jennifer Warakomski

The LONG GAME Episode 12 with Sandra Scaiano Conscious Creation with Jennifer Warakomski

Today’s episode is really fun! I got to interview my friend Jennifer. We met in college and both worked in fashion. We’ve both made the change to entrepreneurship and kept in touch along the way.

Our stories are similar, but the paths have been different. Jennifer moved to Tuscany and created the life she wanted.  Tuscan Wellness was born and continues to grow. 

Jennifer speaks English Italian and Woo! How great is that? Hear how she breaks down how energy impacts us (even if you aren’t a woo person) and why it matters.

What is the story you tell yourself every single day?

What is the story you’ll tell your family about
how you navigated this pandemic?

What will you be able to say you did for yourself and your family? Will you be able to explain how it felt and how you showed up?

Jennifer explains 3 ways you can shift that story. Your circumstances don’t have to dictate your life!

If you want to grow, you’ve got to let something go!

Get the 3 methods for shifting in the moment. You can literally change what is going on in your life.

The 4 phases are explained. Jennifer explains how understanding these phases help us work with our energy for the best outcomes. I love that there are optimal times for doing creative work or connecting with others. That there are times when we should rest and be reflective.

I think all women know (intuitively) that we weren’t meant to do the same thing day after day. Jennifer explains how to find the rhythm that works best for you. There’s even an app you can use to help you track cycles – your own and the moon cycles.

You are the cause of your life.

This episode is full of practical, juicy, science-based concepts that will help you create the life you want.

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