The Long Game Is… Your Circle


Trying to achieve success in your business alone, is a losing strategy. Behind every successful person and every ultra-successful business are teams of people and relationships that make success achievable. Who you surround yourself with is critical to your success and in today’s episode, I want to help you understand why your circle matters for the long game.

After coming back from a recent trip to a storytelling symposium, I feel compelled to share with you the value I’ve received from being part of so many incredible circles since starting my own business. Some of the circles I’ve belonged to served for a short period of time, others are ongoing, and we continue to meet monthly.

“Those in your circle can reflect back to you who you really are.”
-Sandra Scaiano

As human beings, and especially as women, we’ve been gathering in circles since our ancestral times. There is a powerful field of energy, strength and sisterhood felt in a circle. Some will call it a community, a tribe, or a network, but I choose to call it my circle.

Key ideas in this episode

  • There is tremendous value in being part of a circle

  • My takeaways on resistance and being all in from the storytelling symposium

  • 3 ways you can build your circle

  • Professionally speaking, when you’re building your business, there is a special value placed on being part of a group of women that will hold you accountable. They allow you to be vulnerable, and where you share information, resources, and expertise to support each other’s growth. Being supported and giving support is what allows everyone to succeed.

    “Build a circle with people who are committed to their journey and are investing in themselves.” -Sandra Scaiano

    Be brave and allow yourself to show up to a circle of support. It can be scary in the beginning, but I promise you it’s so worth it. It’s the fastest and most effective way to build your business and yourself.