Zero to Hero with Ben Albert


In today’s world, it’s never been easier to implement a new idea, start a new venture, or build up a new business. But it’s also never been more intimidating. There are countless resources telling you how something should be done, and the market can seem incredibly saturated with so many competitors, ads, experts, and millions of content creators. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. If intimidation and fear are getting to you, this episode is going to be your boost of encouragement.

Our guest is Ben Albert. Ben was a sales executive when the pandemic hit, and, like millions of other professionals, he was let go. Today, he shares how this moment was his rock bottom and from this point, he became zero to hero. It took a lot of work, creativity, and networking, but in just one year, he was able to launch and grow his marketing company, Balbert Marketing LLC. He also became the curator of the Real Business Connections Network, where he hosts five podcasts.

“Rock bottom was such a blessing in disguise.” – Ben Albert

Insights from Ben’s journey:

  • How his long-game knowledge helped him when he decided to start his business.
  • What collaborative partnerships look like and how they help your business.
  • The necessity of trying something different, new, and creative.

Ben says there’s no such thing as a key to success. Instead, it’s a combination lock, and we each have our own unique combination. Each of us has our own idea or definition of success, and we each have our path to get there.

“What is your creative spark? And how can you bring someone in with you?” – Ben Albert

Tune in to this episode for a dose of inspiration and practical insights as we explore Ben’s remarkable journey from zero to hero.

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