Your Time Is Up AOL

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I have thought about this over the years and to me, AOL is dead. But people still have their trusty ‘ol email accounts there and get some news from the front page log-in.

I finally decided to write about this today because I’m working with a client who uses aol and we have encountered a problem with the Gravity Forms that I put on his site. I get the forms, in testing, his other gmail account, it gets the forms, but his aol account does not receive the forms.

Let me back a minute and explain Gravity Forms. They are a great tool used to create custom forms on your website. You can use them as contact forms and add extra fields with questions that are particular to your business. You can add them to your site as ways to for customers to register for your store programs. You can use them as client in-take forms to ask specific questions from prospects before you set up a consult call. The other thing that Gravity Forms can do is integrate with your list software. It integrates with MailChimp and offers Add-Ons for Dropbox, Trello, PayPal, Freshbooks and more. One less step to get your info to its destination! Gravity Forms are great and since they are totally customizable I love introducing the idea of them to my web design clients.

Back to aol… To me, aol is so old that new technology doesn’t want to keep up with it. For it to seamlessly deliver with Gravity Forms, you’ve got to set up an extra plug-in. FYI: I like to keep my plug-ins to a minimum on site designs and save their use for some cool stuff, not just to make sure I get a form!  Part of this is probably due to spam filters that are part of aol’s set up.  This is also rumored to happen with Hotmail too, another email provider from the 90’s. As a tech provider, if you don’t keep up with the tech times, make it so your software can work with other platforms, you are sure to be considered ‘not breathing’. And doing your customers a disservice.

There is always another option and that is to update your email to a current provider, Gmail or G-Suite. G-Suite allows you to use your domain name and for a branded address ( without having to get into the issues of forwarding webmail, another rabbit hole. And for your business this presents a branded, professional image building immediate trust with customers. It’s also a mindset thing. Whenever I see an aol email being used I think “Whoa, they are old.” (Coming from someone who is kind of old too). As a business we always want to put our best foot forward. Being up with the times, this century at this point, is part of that. We’ve heard it before Like, Know, Trust. Get some good email!


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