What I Learned from Creating A Podcast

The LONG GAME Episode 54 What I Learned from Creating A Podcast with Sandra Scaiano

This is the one-year anniversary episode!

What a year this has been. I started my podcast during a pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and a national election. And that’s just a few of the things that happened!

Events influenced the content I chose to share with you. World events affect creators, and I’m no different. Many of the episodes were about our shared experiences and I’m glad that I had this platform to have those conversations.

One of my podcast goals: create content that will last, that provides something that will be helpful and inspiring to you.

I mapped out six benefits of podcasting for this first year.

  • I have a great bank of content that I can continue to share and I’m building a following using Pinterest. This is no small thing, I went from seldom creating content to publishing weekly.

  • There was a way for me to address the events that were happening in real-time. Sharing my thoughts and reactions became part of the conversations. We really were going through so much together, and the podcast gave me a way to share that.

  • I had a way to share my story and insights as well as the stories of guests. You know that showing up is one of my core values and sharing these moments made it easy and provided a way to create connection.

  • Sharing my expertise was always part of the plan. I found a great way to integrate story into my work and the solo episodes gave me a way to share my philosophy and the way I see business and strategy.

  • I’ve been able to develop and understand my own goals. This meant I could choose my path forward and identify the processes and systems we need to have in place in my own business.

  • This is nearest to my heart. My daughter sees me work; she is learning that she can make an impact doing something she loves. That’s everything to me.

  • There’s great energy around the podcast.

    I went from zero people engaging with my content to nearly 5000 downloads. That’s an impact I can see and measure. Even better, I get emails about the content, and questions about what I’m sharing. I’m getting pitched to be on other podcasts, and my brand and presence are growing.

    It’s a joy to be creative.

    Thanks to Grace and Phyllis for all the support in helping me get this published each week. Thanks for listening. Year two is on the way and I am glad you are here with me.

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