The Phenomenon that is Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day is here and in full force! Maybe you caught great deals, maybe you tried ignoring it but quickly found it to be nearly impossible to not see. There is a reason Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce providers in the world. Valued at $1136.94 Billion as of July 2022, there are more than a few lessons we can learn from the online giant.

A quick Google search for Amazon Prime in the news section quickly reveals that their PR is the absolute best. No, it’s not by chance, it’s by design, research, and lots of psychology that Amazon Prime is one of the biggest events of the year.

“There are no wrong answers when it comes to how you want to handle things for your own business.” Sandra Scaiano

Today I’m going over 5 key lessons that small business owners can take away from Amazon Prime Day for the success of their own businesses. When a company is this successful and has a level of resources and access to research that you may not have, don’t be hasty to judge. Instead, take notes and see how it can work for you. This is how you play The Long Game.

1. Create an event, not just a sale and make it annual

2. Refine your PR machine and affiliates, leverage access to other audiences

3. Get creative with live streaming opportunities with key influencers

4. Maximize your marketing channels and educate your consumers like a pro

5. Build urgency into your event to get people to act fast

“The primary success factor is knowing how to learn from others and rely on yourself.”
Dennis Waitley

Amazon has perfected this annual event that you can’t escape. It’s on every major news channel, it’s in every influencer’s social media feed, it’s on YouTube channels, and on your mother’s computer screen (really)! Prime Day has gone from $1 Billion in the first year to $11 Billion in sales last year. Let’s take notes on what we are able to do and implement what makes sense for your business.

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