The Only Way Out is Through

THE LONG GAME Episode 21 Moving Through with Sandra Scaiano

After all these years in business, I never thought that my family would inspire an episode—but this is the one! I gathered these thoughts after a family get-together made me realize how many of our stories contain unworked emotions and ideas that might stay with us for years.

In today’s episode, I talk more about this concept, and how I was able to use one of my favorite quotes, “the only way out is through,” to move us forward in life and in business.

Here are some of the key points you’ll hear:

  • Everyone lives through the two sides of the quote; “this” side and moving through to the other, “out” side.
  • How the concept relates directly to the idea of long-game thinking.
  • Why you need to work through negative emotions, and how they can derail you (even years later) if you don’t deal with them.
  • Different ways that entrepreneurs can deal with the uncertainty about how to “come out the other side” and what is useful for different people.
  • What it means to be “out” the other side, and how this brings freedom to your life and business.
  • My favorite form of inspiration to get you out of the negative thoughts most effectively.
  • Where women tend to focus our attention and why it needs to change.
  • How applying the concept of “the only way out is through” allowed me to open my own business, scale, and build the life I want to have.
  • Finding your own way “out” by moving “through” is essential to the strength and health of your business.
    It can increase creativity and give you freedom from what’s been holding you back.

    Do you have an “only way out is through” story of your own? I’d love to hear it!

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