The Long Game is . . . Working Smarter Not Harder

The LONG GAME Episode 43 with Sandra Scaiano Working Smarter Not Harder with Brittany Dixon

One thing that’s consistent these days is that we should expect life to change. If you want to keep on top of current trends—and your own business—without getting left behind, it’s important to stay focused on the things that matter most.

For today’s episode, I invited the ultimate “Systems Woman,” Brittany Dixon of Brittany & Co., to the podcast. Brittany and I discuss how organizing helps businesses to always be on track and share several tips to be more productive.

Why we love being organized.

Brittany explains how she discovered her knack for organization. She also provides useful tips on how to organize better, which can be applied both to your home and your businesses.

In this episode we also discuss:

  • How to plan your year and why your long-term-picture planning is critical.

  • The tools you’ll need for the heavy lifting and productivity in your business.

  • How to document your processes and systems. (This will save you hours.)

  • The importance of automating your business so you can outsource value to your clients. (This one is super helpful)

  • How to be smart when delegating and how to be in control without being controlling.

  • Why utilizing workshops and/or webinars can be a big help in your business.

  • How do you run a full-time business and still have time for a personal life?

    Brittany explains why working smarter, not harder isn’t just a mantra. It’s the way to a successful business and life. She shares a ton of great info – you’ll want to take notes!

    If there’s one key takeaway I got from today’s show, it’s this: Make sure you’re doing it smart. As Brittany says, “I don’t want to just teach systems, I want people to think in systems. It’s ongoing; it’s never-ending.”

    Link from Today’s Episode:

    Work Smarter Not Harder Masterclass

    Brittany’s Website

    Brittany’s Facebook




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