The Long Game is… Surrender

The LONG GAME Episode 53 Surrender with Sandra Scaiano

What I love about having my podcast is bringing on women who are tuned in, friends who are paying attention, eloquently voice emotions, detail influences, and understand the ways we live our lives.

In reviewing my first year’s episodes, I discovered another theme that was present – that of Surrender.

And through how these women talk about surrender, I see that I have been applying this to my business forever. 

Surrender is slowing down – we’ll hear this over again from my guests – but I love how Shauna Angel Blue wraps up surrender in Episode 41. It’s the universe working and we can’t stop it.

It is nature working on its own, whether we like it or not, so slow down too and learn to work with the energy not swim against it.

Surrender is such a good word that is filled with power. We’ll hear Episode 39s guest Kelly Newsome Georges reference it as part of a contrast.

She nails the explanation and makes me love the idea of surrendering! This shows how important it is to find people who speak your language. Her style really resonates with me and I hope now with you.

Building on the idea of surrender and taking our cues from the natural world – a place we do not control –  is my dear friend and Episode 12 guest, Jen Warakomski. In this clip, Jen and I talked about surrender when it comes to your thoughts. What to keep – What to lose?

Business is a fine balance between forging forward and pausing to shift direction.

There is a time when all of these concepts are the right answer. So keep moving forward with your thoughts and with exposing yourself to ideas.