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THE LONG GAME Episode 25 Process with Sandra Scaiano

Today, I dive into the topic of processes following a conversation with Krista Smith (who was a guest in episode 16), when we talked about how to create them for your business.

I’ll share my best insights that resulted from that call—as well as a few bonus tips related to those “slivers of time” that may show up unexpectedly in your day and how to make the most of them.

Here’s what I cover in today’s episode:   

  • Using what we do naturally in our days to help build out processes in our businesses
  • Why I love the idea that processes are constantly evolving, and how we can make them better and better over time
  • Remembering that processes are not only good for the customer but also good for you and your team
  • How updating a single process can affect many others in your business as well, leading to the overall improvement
  • When is the best time to review your processes? I cover this, too.
  • Why you must take into account your specific audience and their particular experience with your business
  • The importance of post-launch reviews to increase clarity and improve processes over time
  • Why any data you collect can be used as a key tool to refine your process
  • My aha moment after one of my calls ended early—and how to implement this into your own life
  • Learning to make the most of those small slivers of time in the day, and the amazing impact they can have (such as Stephanie’s story in Humans of New York)
  • Remember that processes don’t have to be a huge undertaking; you can implement and tweak along the way. It’s important to just get started, and not waste those meaningful slivers of found time that you can make use of in the day.

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