Rise & Style with Neepa Sikdar

The LONG GAME Episode 55 with Sandra Scaiano Rise & Style with Neepa Sikdar

Today on the podcast I’m interviewing one of the people in my community of amazing women that I’ve mentioned before. Neepa Sikdar shares her entrepreneur journey and it’s inspiring. You’re going to love her as much as I do. 

Neepa shares how she knew at the age of 10 that entrepreneurship was in her future. Fashion, however, was unexpected. Like many of us, her business journey wasn’t predictable but Neepa says it was the perfect path for where she is now.

Figuring out your personal style is a journey into self-realization.

Why is it we take care of everyone else and not ourselves?

I love that Neepa makes fashion accessible. It can be intimidating and overwhelming trying to create your personal style. We often think it costs tons of money to look nice, but it’s not about the label.

How to use style as a strategy.

  • Use data to make informed decisions.

  • Assess what’s working and what’s missing.

  • Your life changes, and what you wear is going to change too!

  • Identify why you keep clothes that no longer fit or aren’t part of your lifestyle.

  • What does a stylist do when you can’t go shopping?

    Neepa remembers the exact day that she realized that business as usual was not coming back soon. She had a booked calendar when shut down happened. She knew that she had to use different resources, so she began creating videos.

    Hear how she’s transformed her business and the things that she’ll keep doing (hint: virtual will continue) and how she found new ways to help her clients.

    I know I can’t stay in PJ’s all day, even though I work from home. Neepa explains how clothing signals your brain and can help us be more productive. You know I’m all about how we show up!

    Blessings from 2020.

    Neepa realized that she had to create the community that she wanted. We discuss diversity and inclusion. Yes, women from all walks of life, all races, all ethnicities, all industries, and all sizes can be friends and colleagues.

     Sharing our expertise is part one of helping clients. Helping people implement what they learn is the required next step.

    I hope you’ll check out Neepa’s info. Understanding the style that fits you, and your life is so helpful. You’ll know exactly what works for you, what to buy, and how to style the things in your closet.

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