Personal Story: People Heal


One of my favorite quotes is:

“You don’t have to be who you were yesterday.”

This is really resonating with me. These past weeks of summer have helped me realize who I’ve become. I now realize it was a healing that happened. My personal story around that is the topic for this show.

Back in my soccer playing days, I loved the orange slices that teammate’s moms brought for us to eat at halftime. I swear they were the most delicious oranges. My mom was never the one who brought the oranges though.

I had to say no when I was invited to be on a traveling team. I knew my parents wouldn’t be able to take me to all the practices and tournaments required.

This isn’t about bashing my parents. I’m sharing this so you can understand why my business is structured the way it is. Yes, this is about business and life.

I intentionally set up my business so I have the freedom to be the kind of mom I want to be. I’m the mom who brings the oranges to the games, the mom who drops off and picks up my kids.

It’s important to me to give them the chance to be kids and express themselves and experience all the fun of growing up.

Hear why letting go has been a key part of my journey. It’s not always easy but I realize now it’s always been worth it.

How can you create the life you want?

For me, it’s part of healing some childhood disappointments so I can be the mom I want to be. I can parent my way. I get to choose. What does choosing look like for you?

People heal.

That’s the message I got when I looked at my truthbomb card deck as I was preparing this episode.

Yes, we do. People heal and we get to become who we want to be.