Kind Goal Setting with Abbie Schiller


Welcome to the first episode of the new year! And what better way to start than talking all about the new concept of kind goal? Did you know that 93% of people fail within 30 days of setting their goals? Today, we break down goal setting to make sure that we’re not part of the majority who end up quitting.

“We work with people to change their thoughts so that they can achieve their goals.” – Abbie Schiller

Joining us today is Abbie Schiller. Abbie is a professional goal coach, founder & CEO of The Mother Company, and a manifester. As a coach, she’s deeply invested in improving the lives of others. She’s also the creator of Visioning, a revolutionary course that helps people take an honest look at the results in their lives and decide what and how they want to change.

Abbie introduces us to the concept of “kind goals.” Unlike the rigid, strict goals we’re used to, kind goals allow us to be flexible and adjust. They have a have Plan B. Kind goals are fun and connected to who you are and serve who you want to be and bring you closer to the life you want to achieve.

Also discussed in this episode:

  • The relationship between success, failure, and lessons
  • Anticipating obstacles and building resilience
  • The necessary skill of embracing discomfort
  • The importance of support and community

Abbie also addresses some of the reasons why people give up their goals—lack of clarity, unexpected challenges, undefined steps, or lack of a support system. She gives easy, applicable tips on how to deal with them.

“Water boils at 212 degrees. What degree are you giving up at?” – Abbie Schiller

It’s possible to not quit the gym when February comes or give in to your cravings a week into your new diet. Goals can be achievable and kind at the same time. You can hit your milestones while enjoying the journey. The key is in starting right and playing the long game.

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