Inner Work for Business with Kami Guildner


In this episode of The Long Game Podcast, we delve into the essential aspects of entrepreneurship that can transform your business into a soulful and impactful journey. Today’s conversation weaves into one conversation different topics including authenticity in business, core values, time management, and structuring your venture. To share her insights in this conversation, we’re joined by Kami Guildner.

Kami is not your typical entrepreneur. She’s the Founder of the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, and Extraordinary Women Connect events. Also, host of the award-winning Extraordinary Women Radio™ – a podcast igniting a new paradigm of entrepreneurship with Soul+Strategy at its heart. She has a passion for bringing together a sisterhood of influential women to learn, connect, and inspire, each dedicated to raising up her voice, her vision, and her visibility to lead soulful, wildly successful businesses of impact.

“You can’t outsource your leadership of thought.” – Kami Guildner

Here are some things we discuss:

  • Authenticity leads to the right relationships in our business

  • The importance of listening inside, scheduling CEO time and opening up to our wisdom and our intuition for the growth of our business

  • How having a balance across our mindset, body, spirit, and community affects how we show up for our business
  • “People fall in love with your soul, not your face.” – Kami Guildner

    Kami also shares her SMART acronym: Simplification, Market, Ascending, Repeatable, Time Prosperity. These are the fundamental characteristics and foundations of a business that came out of her goal. These are to build businesses that offer both time and wealth prosperity.

    This episode is a deep dive into the soulful and strategic dimensions of entrepreneurship. Kami’s insights and experiences serve as an example for those who want to run their businesses with authenticity, purpose, and prosperity. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business leader, you’ll find something in this episode that you’ll resonate deeply with.

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