I'm Recommitting

Sandra Scaiano Web Designer

I’m recommitting to writing! Not for list building, not for SEO, not for me, but really for you. It sounds so cliche, I know… As I was on a run this morning and listening to the Creative Empire Podcast, it hit me. Everyday I am working with clients, hammering out their tech problems, things that others must run into all the time as well. I thought, why am I not sharing this info as I discover/solve each? Some people get their best ideas in the shower. I get mine while in motion. So the rest of the run I mapped it out, loosely, very loosely. I’m going to recommit. Recommit to writing, to sharing, to doing all of the things that I tell my clients to do. It’s not going to be pretty or edited, but you’ll get the gist and most importantly the info and ideas that will help you move your business #forward.

For the past two years I have been saying “I’m the shoemakers kids have no shoes…”. There was so much wrong with what I have been doing on my website, no opt-in, no list building, no blogging, no site updates, no products, a crappy Services page, etc. But I’ve come to understand, that was really just what I was doing. What I was doing for others was something else. I’m not mad at it. I know the way. And for me “the way” is to feel it. I knew but didn’t feel it up until now.

Behind the scenes I have been forging #forward and have a new website and new product offering coming out this year. But I thought we could take this journey together, so I’m starting now with imperfection and a crappy Services page. I promise to share my insights on all these years of client wins, solutions to pesky problems, of re-design, and product innovation. The things that are spinning in my world now. So be ready to hear from me more on the regular.

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